Becky Bowers-Lanier | VHF Advocacy Consultant

Election day is Tuesday, June 18. All elections are part of the primary process. You do not have to register for a political party to vote in a primary; however, you may need to identify in which primary you are voting (Republican or Democrat.) Details on voting in person before election day or on election day may be found in a handy voting guide at the Virginia Department of Elections home.

Remember: you may vote in person at your local early voting office location or where you usually vote on Election Day, June 18.

Don’t know who is running to be on the November ballot? The Virginia Department of Elections has a webpage for that! Find the candidates for the primaries here. Each candidate has their own website, and you can find out more information about them at their sites or by searching for them in your favorite browser.

Remember: voting is perhaps the most important action we citizens can take to shape how we want our governments to function. Please do your civic duty! And thank you for doing so!