Camp Youngblood

Kids enjoy a week of fun and learning with others who face similar challenges and life experiences.

Events and programs

VHF offers opportunities for community, education and support through a variety of programs and events during the year.

Annual meeting

An opportunity for the inherited bleeding disorder community to network and to share information on a variety of topics.

Dedicated to serving and supporting the needs of those impacted by a bleeding disorder through education, advocacy and community.


Giving Hands

VHF provides many opportunities for education through meetings, newsletters and scholarships.


Giving Hands

VHF participates in national and federal advocacy initiatives.


Giving Hands

VHF builds community by strengthening relationships and offering support through numerous programs.

News & Events

Build Community This Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month!

Build Community This Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month!

Throughout the month, we will be sharing stories of families like the Kreceks, who have been impacted by the work of VHF, made possible only by generous donations from people like you. Please give today, and know that your support is going to a worthy cause....

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