VHF sent three participants, Matthew Lee (swimming), Tucker Vasil (golf), and Jose Chanta (basketball), to this year’s 21st annual Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC), the first and currently the only, national sports competition for children with bleeding disorders. The competition took place October 6-8 in Henderson, Nevada, go here to see photos from the event. We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Lee was the national winner in swimming at the 2023 Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC)! Congratulations Matthew! Marquita Reinhardt, Matthew’s mother, texted us immediately to let us know that he won and also to highlight his great sportsmanship “I am very proud of Matthew! He is a very good kid. Very humble. He went and congratulated every member of his team last night after winning.”

It has been 21 years since CSL Behring created the JNC, a competition where participants have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of their respective sport, participate in friendly competition, and have a chance to connect with fellow members of the bleeding disorders community from across the country. Additionally, educational seminars focused on the importance of physical fitness and other related topics.

Here is what the other 2023 JNC participants and their families had to say –

“JNC is the best! Whichever sport you pick, you will have the time of your life! I picked golf and it is so fun. I got trained by a professional! I love spending time with other kids who have bleeding disorders like me, it makes me feel so happy.” – Tucker Vasil

“Again, thank you for the opportunity, he really enjoyed it. As a parent I really feel I got a lot of answers for him as I was not so accepting of him joining the basketball team, the school heard he has a bleeding disorder and now I know how to answer their questions. Jose enjoyed it he said he will be even more ready next year if gets the chance again. He made a couple of friends and was able to get some techniques to play as well learn things he can do before and after to help with his bruising and bleeding.” – Denise Quintanilla

We hope to send more kids and their families next year so be on the lookout for the 2024 JNC applications sometime next summer.