Donate Today!

We are two weeks in to Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month (BDAM) and as of today we have raised $2593 which is over half of our $6000 goal!

Thank you so much to all who have supported our scholarship program. With your one-time or re-occurring monthly donation to VHF during BDAM, you can help more scholarship recipients achieve their dreams and continue to support others with inherited bleeding disorders!

In an effort to raise awareness, we will be highlighting the stories of VHF Hope Society donors like Sarah Waniewski and sharing why the work of VHF motivated them to become monthly donors. We hope Sarah’s story inspires you to give today!

What motivated you to become a monthly donor to the VHF Hope Society?
I’m a monthly donor with VHF because I really believe in the mission. I was on the Board of Directors for two years, which is when I started donating monthly. Between volunteering with VHF, serving on the board, and attending events as a community member, I’ve seen how focused VHF is on their members: providing quality education, advocating for members’ best interests, giving scholarships, and fostering a sense of community. Everyone is so nice, and the community is so important. I’m thrilled to be able to support them in a small way through my monthly contributions.

How are you and your family affected by bleeding disorders?
My brother has severe hemophilia. My maternal uncle died young from complications due to hemophilia. My mother is a carrier, and my aunt has Von Willebrand Disease. I am also a carrier. I’m having a baby girl in May, so we’ll find out soon if she is a carrier as well. Especially since being pregnant, the community with VHF and the educational opportunities are especially important!

Your family has been very involved with the chapter. Can you talk a little bit about anything you have gained from that involvement?
I’ve gained a wonderful community of nice people who are happy to talk about all aspects of life with a bleeding disorder. I’ve gotten to go to fun events and some really interesting educational presentations. I really liked the educational sessions on genetic research at the last medical symposium! Serving on the board was eye-opening on how much work goes on behind the scenes to make VHF such a welcoming community and the events such a success, and it was so cool to be a part of that.

When you support and fundraise for VHF you help us to educate, advocate, build community, and empower those impacted by an inherited bleeding disorder. For more information contact Kelly Waters at 804-740-8643 or