Eileen Bunn, VHF Member

“I feel a sense of belonging participating in Family Camp at Camp Holiday Trails. CHT is a special place where families can have fun together and share stories, resources, and experiences with other families impacted by hemophilia, building a strong community of support at camp and in our everyday lives.”

Camp Holiday Trails holds a special place in the hearts of the Bunn family. My husband, Aaron attended CHT as a child camper with hemophilia, then became a counselor, and later attended Family Camp with the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation. Over the years Aaron and our family, along with his siblings and their families, have all attended CHT. This year was extra special as our family returned to camp for the first time since COVID closed operations, and our nephew, Toni is now continuing a family tradition as a CHT counselor!

Aaron says, “It was great to be back at CHT! Connecting with old and new friends in the hemophilia community in one of my favorite places filled my heart with happiness! It was especially neat seeing my nephew, Toni, there as a camp counselor. We enjoyed the action-packed activities and our treks across the hills while chatting with Emma, our CHT counselor for Family Camp. The food was great, and the songs took me back to my counselor days. Camp Holiday Trails is a great example of a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together to make a positive impact on families and children with special health needs. Sharing our stories and learning from each other and experts is priceless.”

Thank you to VHF, HACA, CHT, staff, and sponsors for providing Family Camp. We love coming to CHT – CHT is the place to be!

Other comments from the Bunn Family:
Penelope (8 years) “My favorite thing about camp is arts and crafts. Camp is just cool.”

Francis (10 years) “One thing I liked about camp is the rock wall. I also like that everyone there is nice and helpful.”

Aaron (15 years) “The fun activities at camp encourage strong bonds within the community (I liked slingshots a lot this time around). The environment there almost feels magical, like there could be pixies hiding in the woods.”

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