Hello, my name is Soren Johnson, and I am a senior at Old Dominion University, and this is an in depth look at a trip taken thanks to the Terry Lamb Enrichment Scholarship. I was able to take a trip to New York City for a class through Old Dominion University (ODU). During this class we were given a week in NYC to take tours with different brands and get a look at the entire process of selling apparel. From the initial idea of the clothes to the testing of designs and finally to selling the items in their own shops or in other stores. We were able to meet a plethora of well qualified workers in the fashion industry and we were also allowed to visit many of the stores we only dreamt of.

If I were to start naming stores we went to and people we met this article would be several pages long. To name a few of the stores we went to there was Michael Kors where we met the head of store design for the entire world. He explained how much detail is put into each store’s look and design. Another store would be Saks Fifth Avenue, yes, THE Saks Fifth. We met the head of window design and heard his story about how he started at the Saks location in Virginia and worked his way up. One of the final stores we visited was Diane Von Furstenberg, the originator of the wrap around dress and where myself and my classmates are pictured below. While there we got a look at some stuff that recently came out and an introduction to their head of social media chapter. There as so much knowledge that was gained and so many new connections created thanks to the scholarship I received.

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