VHF is honored to recognize George Stone as our first nominee for 2021 Volunteer of the Year!

George has been an active constituent with VHF for years, but since joining our Volunteer Program he has truly given back in generous and consistent ways—showing an aptitude for many facets of nonprofit volunteer leadership. He has been willing to show up and give back on several different committees and bring both his depth of experience as a community member and as a retired professional to these roles. He and his wife Cyndi have also been generous active donors to the organization. George is always curious about VHF operations and history and is interested in making our systems and processes better. One highlight of his leadership is his initiative in starting the VHF quarterly men’s “rap sessions” over Zoom, which he also volunteered to lead. After serving on several committees, VHF recently asked George to become the new VHF board representative to the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA), a role which we are confident in which he will bring the best interests of the community and VHF.

Thank you to George for his leadership as a volunteer with VHF!