Have you heard about William Addison – a teen with hemophilia A from Portland, ME who is an outdoor enthusiast and Boy Scout (soon to be an Eagle Scout)? Well you should since he is on an inspiring journey hiking the South Bound (SOBO) route of the Appalachian Trail to raise donations for Save One Life. His trek has recently taken him through Virginia and one of our members, Marquita Reinhardt was able to check in with him!

From Marquita: “Our first meet was in Glasgow on Wednesday. We took him pizza, factor and many many snacks. He got to meet Austin my 18 year old. Our second meet was in Snowden. We took him a Benny Marconi’s pizza and some root beer. Resupplied at a nearby store and took a detour to the Natural Bridge. He’s back on the trail, still on the Parkway and should be heading West soon.”

William, who has severe hemophilia, is hiking so Save One Life can support kids with hemophilia with basic needs (like food, clothes, and medicine) and young adults with hemophilia to get scholarships to peruse post-secondary education. He currently has raised $21,906.16 and has a fundraising goal of $22,000. To learn more about William and his reasons for choosing Save One Life go here.

To follow William’s journey on Facebook click here.