Growing up in a family of hemophiliacs had its challenges, but Soren, 18, still felt empowered to lead a normal life. “My brother and I are both severe hemophiliacs and we both play basketball, baseball, swim, golf, and I personally have run track so there is no limit to what someone with hemophilia can do.”

Soren is grateful for the opportunities that have come from being involved with the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation since childhood – he and his brother both have attended Camp Youngblood at Camp Holiday Trails and can attest to the powerful relationships and bonds formed through that experience:

“Besides some lifetime friendships and being able to meet people from all over the country and the world, I have been able to learn about new products and learn how to take better care of myself. Through VHF I met some lifetime friends that might have moved out of state or be in college or off chasing their dreams and travelling the world, but I know that the moment we all run into each other we can pick up where we left off like nothing changed.”

No one can predict what the future holds for those growing up with inherited bleeding disorders, but no matter what, VHF will continue to evolve and listen to our community to provide the best services possible in an uncertain time. As Soren puts it:

“The future is bright for those of the new generation that are affected by a bleeding disorder.”

Will you be a part of making the future bright for kids and young adults like Soren? No amount is too small. We are so grateful for all who are a part of this special community! Go here to make a gift today!