Your support of our first Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month Annual Giving campaign has been incredible so far, and we are so grateful! There are ten days left to show your support, please donate today!
Your donation matters to families like the Walkers:
“When our son, Josiah, was born 16 years ago, we had no clue about severe hemophilia. Little did we know it would become a major part of our family’s story. Our younger son, Levi, also is affected with severe hemophilia as well, and I myself am a carrier with mild hemophilia. We also have 2 younger girls. For our family, being involved in chapter events and advocacy work has become a part of our family’s normal.
Now, we are in a wonderful time of new medications within the hemophilia community. These new options are making life with hemophilia better. We have seen the difference in our family between older medicines that weren’t working as well and a tremendous improvement in quality of life with newer medicines. We are so thankful that our son has his life back! We need to continue to push for continuing research, safety, and development in different types of treatment for the benefit of everyone in the bleeding disorders community.”
VHF hosted our Inaugural Medical Symposium on March 9, 2019, providing consumers with the knowledge needed to discuss new and current treatment options, discussing the ins and outs of clinical trials, and having conversations around insurance barriers to treatment.
The stories shared by our community members this have been powerful and impactful, and wonderful reminders of why VHF is committed to moving technologies forward in other ways, such as our annual donation to the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Judith Graham Pool Fellowship Fund, which has been in existence since 1973. VHF’s donation helps fund young investigators, often new to the bleeding disorders community, to research preclinical research topics (bench research) that ultimately can lead to improved treatment modalities, better quality of life, and possibly a cure for bleeding disorders.
Thank you for your help so far this month in leading the way to a better quality of life.
Kelly Waters, LCSW, MSW
Executive Director, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation