Throughout the month, we will be sharing stories of individuals and families who have been impacted by the work of VHF, made possible only by generous donations from people like you. Please give today, and know that your support is going to a worthy cause.

Lamont Banks, volunteer with VHF, long-time community member, and hemophilia A patient:

“At three years old, I was put into foster care because my birth mother couldn’t care for my hemophilia. My foster mother knew just enough about my condition to at least get me to the hospital when needed. But beyond that, we didn’t know much about living with hemophilia.

“My hemophilia treatment center provided some of best medical care that I could ask for. However, it was the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation that rounded out my hemophilia education.VHF has helped me to come a long way beyond just treating hemophilia – it’s enabled me to own it.

One resource that was very meaningful to me was the Terry Lamb Scholarship, which can be used towards personal life development goals. I’d just graduated college, but I didn’t have a driver’s license. I applied and was selected. I then got a few professional driving sessions, and few weeks later got my license. I was finally able to start my professional life.

Reflecting on all of the VHF activities that I’ve participated in over the years has helped me to realize how much this community has improved my life as a hemophiliac. Journeying from barely getting the care I needed, to now living independently and successfully managing my hemophilia is not something I could have done on my own.”

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