We at Virginia Hemophilia Foundation (VHF) want our members/constituents to be aware of our updated program registration guidelines. Updates include new language regarding late cancellations and coverage area. These guidelines are always available on our website and we will continue to have a box that you check and accept when you register for meetings, retreats, and other educational and community events, excluding fundraisers.

With the support of sponsors and donors, VHF pays the cost associated with each event and must provide an accurate attendance count to event venues for food, beverage, and accommodations. Most costs are charged on a per-person basis and must be paid in advance which means that VHF does not recover any amount already paid for people who register but do not attend. At the start of the fiscal year, July 1, 2018, we began tracking the cost associated with late cancellations and no-shows and as of December 10, 2018 that total is over $3,000.

We understand that emergencies and extenuating circumstances may arise. Last minute cancellations or no-shows for any reason other than illness and/or family emergencies will be documented as such and VHF reserves the right to evaluate on a case-by case basis.


The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation (VHF) strives to provide quality educational programs to “constituents” living in the VHF “coverage area”. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that VHF can continue to deliver educational programs for all constituents.

RSVP Management Guidelines

VHF reserves the right to determine one’s place on a roster by:

  • Constituent standing
  • Coverage area, if outside of coverage area then:
    • Constituents location of primary bleeding disorder treatment (i.e. Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC), hematologist, etc. is in Virginia)
  • Late cancellation, excessive cancellation, and/or no-show history
  • Dual role – an industry agent who is also a constituent (go here to see Industry Guidelines)
  • Attendance and participation at additional educational events over the past year
  • Target audience of event (families, adults, teens, etc.)
  • Number of RSVP’s vs. capacity of the event
  • Date/time of registration (if event is first come, first served)

Event Registration Guidelines

  • Event Registration and Confirmation – VHF requires that all attendees RSVP online and then reply to the confirmation email prior to an event.
  • Out of Coverage Area Registration Guidelines – Constituents that live outside of VHF’s coverage area and are interested in attending a program may participate if:
    • Space is available, which includes ensuring that no constituents who are part of VHF’s coverage area will be turned away.
    • The per person (or per family) fee is paid prior to attending the event. The fee will be listed on VHF’s website and will vary per program.
  • Change in Number of Attendees – Please inform VHF when you modify your RSVP numbers after you have confirmed registration for an event. This enables staff to purchase an accurate amount of food, beverages, and event tickets.
  • Registration Cancellation – VHF requires all persons who have confirmed a space at an event to provide as much notice as possible when they are not able to attend. Some events may have a specific late cancellation deadline (i.e. events with an overnight hotel stay, events with admission tickets, summer camp, etc.)
  • Event No-Show Guidelines – VHF will require a $25 fully-refundable deposit to accompany any future reservation if a member has “no-showed” for 2 events in a 12-month period. Once a member has had less than 2 “no-shows” in a 12-month period, the deposit will be waived.
  • Late Cancellations, Excessive Cancellations, or No-Shows – Cancellations or no-shows for VHF events for any reason other than illness and/or family emergencies will be documented and you will receive an email from VHF stating as such. VHF understands that emergencies and extenuating circumstances arise and reserves the right to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Hotel Assistance Guidelines

  • VHF provides hotel assistance for select educational programs (i.e. annual meeting and advocacy training). No reservations made for individuals age 20 and younger.
  • Hotel Assistance – VHF provides a one-night; one-hotel room stay per family for those who live more than 30 miles away from the program meeting site. Families may request additional hotel room nights at their own expense.
    • Some families may be larger than what a typical hotel room can accommodate, and 2 hotel rooms may be needed for these families. Families that need more than one hotel room and are unable to financially afford the cost can apply for hotel financial assistance that will be reviewed by the patient assistance committee. Families must be able to attend the entire meeting to be eligible for assistance. The application can be found here: VHF Hotel Assistance Form – Request for Services.
  • Hotel No-Show Guidelines – VHF will require members to use their credit card number to reserve hotel rooms at overnight programs and events if they have “no-showed” to an event within the last two years where a hotel room was being held in their name. After the two-year period this requirement will be waived.

Camp Youngblood Guidelines

VHF contracts with Camp Holiday Trails (CHT) to offer Camp Youngblood, a summer camping experience for children age 7-17.

  • VHF is financially responsible for all children within the VHF coverage area who have a confirmed spot at Camp Youngblood (a confirmed spot requires that you meet all CHT application deadlines, including payment of registration fee).
  • If a child “no-shows” or cancels within two weeks of the first day of camp, parents/caregivers may be responsible for reimbursing VHF the full camp amount (cost per child is $560+) and/or paying CHT to reserve your spot for the following year.


“Constituent”– Shall include persons with an inherited bleeding disorder or members of their immediate family/household member.

“Inherited Bleeding Disorder”– Bleeding disorders are a group of inherited conditions in which there is a problem with the body’s blood clotting process. They are characterized by extended bleeding after injury, surgery, trauma or menstruation. Bleeding can also begin on its own. Specific inherited bleeding disorders can include: hemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency), hemophilia B (factor IX deficiency), von Willebrand disease (VWD), platelet disorders, and rare factor deficiencies including I, II, V, VII, X, XI, XII, XIII.

“Coverage Area” – The territorial jurisdiction of VHF as outlined by VHF’s Articles of Incorporation includes the residents of the cities and counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia, other than the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, Manassas, Manassas Park and Vienna and the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudon, Prince William and Stafford.

  • Constituents location of treatment – Individuals who live outside of VHF’s territorial jurisdiction but receive their primary bleeding disorder treatment within VHF’s territorial jurisdiction would also be considered part of VHF’s coverage area.

“No-Show” – One that confirms a space via email, does not attend, and does not cancel their reservation prior to the event.

“Late Cancellation”– One that confirms a space via email and then cancels after confirmation and/or identified deadline for cancellation.