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The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation (VHF) as our mission statement implies, exists to further all facets of support, education and advocacy for those affected by a bleeding disorder. VHF serves as a common ground of resources for those around our great state and the world to serve witness to our cause. Our cause is one that aims to ultimately eliminate the full range of bleeding disorders.

Our goals are three fold: 1) Instill a better awareness and understanding about the causes of Hemophilia and bleeding disorders. 2) Empower those with bleeding disorders (and those around them) with a dedicated support network in our geographic area while providing information and to serve as a central resource for all Hemophilia and bleeding disorder issues. 3) To treat, heal and ultimately cure Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014, 1:50 am

At the Stonebridge Shopping Center, 7000 Tim Price Way, Richmond, VA                       Pre Race Pajama Party Begins Saturday at midnight and Race Starts at 1:50 am (Yes, you read that correctly!)

The VHF Impossible 5K is Central Virginia’s first ever Daylight Savings Time race. This unique race allows runners of all skill levels to “Finish Before they Start” because runners will take off from the starting line just before the clock rolls back and, therefore, cross the finish line “before” they started. Join the fun in this early morning dark hour (PJ’s are encouraged) and support the local bleeding disorders community while you participate in a race that offers a unique accomplishment not to be found anywhere else.

REGISTRATION DETAILS: $30 per person. $40 day of event. This registration fee pays for your race entry, t-shirt, goodie bag, and pre-race pajama party.

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