Lauren Dunn, MSW, VBDP Health Insurance Consultant, VCU HTC Social Worker

This spring, the VA Bleeding Disorder Program (VBDP) convened a workgroup consisting of VBDP team members, HTC social workers, and chapter representatives to create a statewide resource guide for accessing period care products.

The term “Period Poverty” is defined as inadequate access to menstrual (period) hygiene tools and education, including but not limited to sanitary products, washing facilities and waste management. A 2021 study conducted by U by Kotex® revealed that 40% of respondents struggled to purchase period products and showed an increase from the initial survey conducted in 2018.

As a result of increased awareness of this issue, several community resources have been developed to help address the issue of affordable access to period supplies. The VBDP workgroup has compiled a statewide resource guide with information about resources and support available. To view this new resource, please visit: Virginia Period Resource Guide

Asistencia para elcuidadomenstrual (elperiodo) en Virginia 

The VBDP would like to thank the workgroup members for their collaboration with this important new resource for the community.

VBDP Program

Erika Martin

Lauren Dunn

HTC Social Workers

Megan Songer

Leah Willey

Marissa Zanno

Chapter Representatives

Heather Conner

Kelly Waters

Brenda Bordelon


To learn more about this issue, including advocacy efforts and other ways to help, visit:

Alliance for Period Supplies