[This content was authored and reused with permission by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)]

Do you or a family member currently have health coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)? If so, you may soon need to take steps to find out if you can continue your coverage. Soon, states will resume Medicaid and CHIP eligibility reviews. It’s important that you respond to any communications you receive from your CHIP or Medicaid program. This means some people with Medicaid or CHIP could be disenrolled from those programs.

Here are some things you can do to prepare right now.

1. Make sure your address is up to date

` Make sure Virginia has your current mailing address, phone number, email, or other contact information. This way, they’ll be able to contact you about your Medicaid or CHIP coverage. Members can make updates:

2. Check your mail

Virginia may mail, email you, or even text you about your Medicaid or CHIP coverage. This message will also let you know if you need to complete a renewal form to see if you still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. If you get a renewal form, fill it out and return it to your state right away. This may help you avoid a gap in your coverage.

3. What if you don’t qualify for Medicaid or CHIP?

If you or a family member no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, you may be able to buy a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Plans are:
• Affordable. 4 out of 5 enrollees can find plans that cost less than $10 a month.
• Comprehensive. Most plans cover prescription drugs and provider services such as, doctor visits, urgent care, hospital visits, and more.
Visit HealthCare.gov to find Marketplace plans and see if you might save on premiums. When you apply, don’t forget to include current information about your household, income, and your state’s recent decision about your Medicaid or CHIP coverage.

If you do not qualify for full benefits through Medicaid or FAMIS, or you cannot afford Marketplace coverage, please know that people who are uninsured can get health care services at Virginia’s Free and Charitable Health Clinics and Virginia’s Community Health Centers.

What are the other health care coverage choices?

Virginians who do not qualify for Virginia Medicaid can buy health insurance through Enroll Virginia. Enroll Virginia has offices in communities across the state to helping Virginians get high quality, affordable health coverage. You can sign up for insurance on the Federal Marketplace on HealthCare.gov:

  • Within 60 days after losing health coverage or
  • Anytime during the annual open enrollment period from November 1 through January 15

Virginians who do not qualify for health coverage from Medicaid may be able to get financial help to lower the cost of private health insurance through HealthCare.gov. The amount of financial help is based on the cost of insurance where the applicants live, how many people are in their household, and their estimated yearly income.

Learn more at enrollva.org or 888-392-5132:

  • Get help from trained assisters, called navigators, to sign up for health coverage online or in person.
  • Compare plans and cost with an easy, anonymous online tool
  • Find out how much financial help you may qualify to receive
  • Get enrolled!

How can I get more information?

Virginia Medicaid will keep members up to date through coverva.orgcommonhelp.virginia.gov., emails, text messages and social media.