VHF is honored to recognize Board member and community member Monika Eiden, Global HR Director, AMF Bakery Systems, as our fourth and final nominee for the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award! Monika has been involved with VHF in a leadership role for eight years, and constantly finds new ways to contribute to the success of the organization with a strong focus on the needs of the community.

“My involvement with Virginia Hemophilia Foundation began in 2012 almost exactly 4 years after my brother Lukasz, who had severe Hemophilia A, died from a brain bleed (third in his lifetime). He was 23 years old. His death shattered my world and left a big hole in my heart. Once I went through all stages of grief, I wanted to do something meaningful to honor Lukasz’s memory and carry on his legacy. That is when I met Kelly Waters and VHF became a part of my life.

Lukasz and I were born and raised in Poland, and when my brother was growing up, we didn’t have access to resources, medicine, research and organizations such as VHF. I’m very passionate about VHF because my direct involvement in volunteering and fundraising activities can improve lives of those affected by bleeding disorders and provide them with life-saving resources my brother didn’t have. My favorite VHF event is the Unite Walk because it helps me spread the word and education about bleeding disorders, as well as get my 4 year old son, Henry Lukas, involved in this important cause. Unfortunately, Henry will never meet his uncle Lukasz, but he will help me keep his memory alive and support the community of wonderful people.

I’m extremely honored and grateful to be nominated for the Volunteer of the Year. I believe that by working together via fundraising, volunteering and the advocacy work, we can ensure that families have access to quality healthcare and educational resources they need to care for their loved ones.”

We are so grateful for Monika’s fundraising efforts for the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk, her service on the Unite Walk Committee and the Board of Directors, and her assistance in the area of Human Resources for VHF. She is a strong community advocate and we are happy to honor her for her hard work on behalf of VHF this year!