The “lifeblood” of any non-profit organization, ours included, are the people who step forward to volunteer at events, for committees, and to be officers and directors.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

* Do you want to be more involved in the Chapter, but don’t know how?

* Can you participate in a conference call once a year and review submitted applications (scholarship committee)?

* Can you meet once a year and participate in 3-4 telephone calls per year (communications committee)?

* Can you particpate in conference calls and regularly check emails (annual meeting or other event committee)?

* Can you meet 4 times a year, participate on 8 conference calls per year, and take the lead on a standing committee  (board of directors)?

* Can you participate one day a year (volunteer at an event)?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions – Then there is an opportunity for you!!

Committees that may be of interest:

*Advocacy Work Group

* Board Nominating/Board Development

* Communications

* Executive

* Finance

* Resource Development

* Patient Services

* Scholarship

Perhaps you are interested in serving on the board as:

* President

* Vice President

* Secretary

* Treasurer

* General Member

Contact Us Now If You Are Interested In Making a Difference!

Virginia Hemophilia Foundation P.O. Box 188, Midlothian, VA 23113 (800) 266-8438, FAX (804)740-8643  info@vahemophilia.org  www.vahemophilia.org